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Slecting the Frame Assembly Server Solutions
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Select the Frame Assembly

The LANSTAR  Frame assembly consists of two major parts, the Upright Leg Assembly and the Stretcher Bar.

The Upright Leg is comprised of dual slotted, heavy duty 1"W x 2"D x 70H uprightmade of high tensile tublar steel with a welded leg made with heavy duty 1"W x 2"D high tensile steel. The Upright Leg Assembly comes standard with heavy duty glides with optional 3" wheel casters rated at 300 lb. each. The Upright Leg Assembly is 72" high and has 70 slot positions on 1" centers for maximum flexibility for mounting components. The Stretcher Bars, made of 1" x 2" tubular steel, is  attached to the Upright to form the full frame assembly. The Stretcher Bars are connected to the Uprights by using LANSTAR'S exclusive bracket system. The length of the Stretcher Bar determines the width of the frame segment.

The Basic Frame starts with two (2) P/N FC-7032UL - Uprights with 32" legs. Added to the Uprights are (2) Stretcher Bars. The size of the Stretcher Bars is based on the width necessary for the Frame Assembly to meet your space requirements. As we will demonstrated later, multiple width combinations of Uprights and Stretcher Bars can be put together to construct the unit to meet your specific needs. The Stretcher Bars come in the following nominal widths: 22", 28", 34", and 46". Therefore, by selecting a set of Uprights and connecting a set of Stretcher Bars, you can make the following Basic Frames: 24"W x 78"H; 30"W x 78"H; 36"W x 78"H and 48"Wx78"W.

Many combinations of Uprights and Stretcher Bars can be put together to make various sizes of frames. To double the width of a unit, we add a Center Upright and two Stretcher Bars. The Upright Center can be either the Center Upright FC-72CU or the 22" Leg Upright FC-7022UL. The FC-7222UL has a 22" leg extension and is used for applications with small components and in the center of configurations for greater stability with very heavy loads. All frame assemblies must end with full leg assemblies. When extending a frame assembly, it should not have more than one FC-72CU in a row. It is not necessary to purchase a full Frame Assembly each time you need to add to a LANSTAR System Unit. All you need to add is an Upright and a set of Stretcher Bars. This is because with LANSTAR, you are able to share the Upright with the neighboring frame module. This gives you greater flexibility, modularity and economy when designing a unit to meet your needs today and for tomorrow.

Select the Frame Assembly based on your space requirements, your equipment, and to the functions routinely performed in close proximity to each other. If the unit is to be moved on a regular basis, the weight of the unit should be considered. The best way to identify your frame requirements is to make an equipment layout. The layout will help you determine your specific rack criteria and any constraints that you may have with the system. If you require assistance with your layout, please contact your LANSTAR representative.

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