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Selecting Accessories Server Solutions
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Select the Accessories

Cable and Power Management:

Vertical Cable Management:
Vertical cable management is achived in several ways. Any type of cable management may be added tothe Lanstar frame assembly. You may select from our cable rings or slotted vertical raceway components that can be attached to the Uprights using LANSTAR slot screw.

Horizontal Cable Raceway:
The Horizontal Cable Raceway (HCR), is a metal "U" shaped tray that attaches to the Uprignt Frame Assembly. Because the HCR uses brackets it can be placed anywhere on the frame not occupied by another bracket. The HCR may be mounted to the front or the back of the frame and are adjustable in 1" increments. Because the HCR is made of metal and for maximum flexibility, power strips and other components may be attached tothe Horizontal Cable Raceway. LANSTAR System, is provided by the use of metal cable trays that attach to the slots in the Uprights. The cable trays are adjustable in 1" increments.

Power Management Integration,
Power Strips and Power Distribution Units (PDU) can be integrated to your LANSTAR System, by attaching power strips to the LANSTAR Cable Trays, or to the Upright slots, using grommets and #10 screws or by using 19" rackmount brackets and power strips. Power strips, with surge suppression, and UPS systems are available from LANSTAR™. All power strips / surge suppressors come standard with long power cords.

End Panels:

End Panels, for your LANSTAR System, enhance the functionality, strength and appearance of your LAN System. It adds privacy, defines work areas and makes the LAN Rack System more closely resemble a standard workstation or command center.

Lockable, cabinets are available for the storage of documentation, binders and other items. The cabinets are 15"H x 15"D with doors that open by sliding the doors from side to side improves access and safety.


Keyboard Management is an important function of your LANSTAR System. LANSTAR has developed several solutions for the management of keyboards. The most popular solution is teh Lanstar Keyboard Shelf that easily attaches to the front of any Lanstar shelf. The Keyboard Shelf attaches without the need of screws and is angled for ease of use. YOu may also choose to have a retractable keyboard shelf that fits under a shelf.

Shelf Monted Keyboard Trays, mount to the front of Server Shelf and provides a platform for the keyboard. Keyboard storage is provided for the width of the shelf. The keyboard solution for the 48" Lanstar shelf can use one or two Keyboard Trays as needed. Where applicable, LANSTAR™ can provide you with PS/2 compatible small footprint mini-keyboards to better manage your keyboard space.

Worksurface Adjustable Keyboard Holders from Flex-Aide can be attached to LANSTAR worksurfaces to improve the ergonomics for keyboard users.

Digital Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM)
KVM Switches from many different manufacturers are another option for the management of keyboards, monitors, and mice in the LAN environment. All major brands of KVMs are available from LANSTAR™. The use of a KVM can drastically reduce the space you need, increase the usability of the LAN rack, increase productivity, lower equipment purchase and operational costs.

Please contact your LANSTAR professional for more information about KVMs and the options that are available.

Pencil Drawers can be added to any worksurface. The pencil drawer is used to help reduce the clutter around the LAN Rack and keep office materials close at hand.

Please call your LANSTAR professional about any of the accessories or special configurations you may require. Our current and future designs and options come from our customers.

LANSTAR has a complete design and proposal services, available at your request. We work with you as a partner in the design and implementation of your LANSTAR System, to best fit your needs and budget. This process is done by assigning one of our professionals to work with you, to understand your needs, help with basic layouts, recommend alternative configuration and solutions, develop concept drawings based on your equipment and layout concepts. The drawings are submitted to you with a proposal for your approval.

For more information on how to design a LAN Work Station or Server Rack call and ask for The LANSTAR Planning Guide.
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